Last Chance Lists Catalog Walk Through

If you are like me, looking at long lists to see what products are staying, what products are leaving, what’s going to be on sale, just isn’t fun. SOOOO, back by popular demand, I hosted my “Grab your catalogs and red pen” walk through on Facebook Live this week and am providing the video replay in this post. I go through both the 2022 – 2023 Annual Catalog and Jan-April 2023 Mini Catalog page by page showing you all you need to know and giving you time to mark in your catalog, retiring products, sale prices, and returning products.

Last Chance Lists Catalog Walk Through Video Ad for 2022 - 2023 Annual Catalog and January - April 2023 Mini Catalog.

Fair warning: The video is long as I go through 2 catalogs and the Last Chance List is extra long due to our Color Refresh. So grab your catalog, a pen or marker, and a drink and a snack before you begin watching.

Color Refresh:

Everything you need to know in one place!

FREE Project Sheet:

Sentimental Park Class to Go:

Deadline to order is tomorrow, April 2nd.

I hope you have a fabulous weekend doing something you love…like stamping! lol

I’m dog sitting Mila and Malley while Andrea and Jon visit Emily in Cincinnati and go the Reds game. I’ll be doing lots of computer work, craft room purging and reorganization, preparing projects for the coming week’s FB Lives, and whatever else I can fit in to serve you better.

PS…Missing my mom a little more today as she was the BEST at April’s Fools pranks by phone. She’d get me every year, even though, I was always prepared for it. She was really good at getting her siblings too. I can still hear her laughing.

Hugs and happy stamping from the Stampin’ Peace Studio!

Mary Knabe

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