12 thoughts on “How To Video – Stickers & Stamps”

  1. Thank you for sharing how you add the stickers on the stamps. I can’t wait to try this as mine never line up quite right and I have been a stamper for many years. Love this tips and tricks idea.
    Happy Thanksgiving.

  2. Mary,
    Nice video. I actually have been doing this. I that the ‘negative’ back cream color paper off the stamps pad and slide it into the case and use that was a form to make sure all the stamps are in the case. And throw the
    the rubber form away.

  3. Good video Mary,
    I always keep the sticker paper as well even though SU sells the adhesive sheets . It’s great for some of my clear mount stamps and to repair small places that may have lost some of their ‘sticky’.
    Thanks for being our teacher today!


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