Layer Upon Layer of Creativity

Using layers of various sizes and quantities can greatly extend the level of your creativity and card making. Layering on cards can be a bit tricky, though, if you don't have accurate measurements. In this Facebook Live Replay, I show you the Card Layering Reference Tools I created for myself to help me in my card making. My layering references assist me in cutting several different card layers with uniformity, mixing and matching various size layers for new and creative lay outs, and for sizing layers for stamping images and sentiments. I hope you find this video demonstration helpful in your card making and in extending your creative possibilities through the use of layering. Please note that I am using Imperial Measurements (inches) for A2 size cards which are the standard for the USA and Canada.

 Download Measurements for Layers for your A2 size cards.

Card Layering Reference Tools by Mary Knabe

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