Remembering mom and smiling.

Missing my mom a little more than usual today…for a couple of reasons. She was a nurse for 55+ years. Caring for patients was her passion. I wonder what thoughts she'd share about this time of Covid-19. Then I think, she wouldn't have time to share because she'd be busy at the nursing home comforting and caring for her patience. "Oh, Mary, I just love those old people!," she'd say. I also miss her because today is April Fool's Day. I NEVER knew anyone who could pull off an April Fool's Joke like she could. (My sister Joan is a very close second.) In these days when we are all craving more laughter and togetherness, I'd be more than happy to hear Mom laugh after she fooled me (yet again) and finally let me know it was all an April Fool's Day prank. Stay safe, everyone.

Screen Shot 2016-09-11 at 10.07.08 PM

If only I had found this sweatshirt years ago…It would have been a perfect gift for Mom.



I have to say…I was literally typing this post when my sister Joan totally got me! She is carrying on Mom's tradition. I should know not to answer her calls on April 1st. But truly I am grateful for the laughs we all just shared. 

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