Video – Holiday Catalog Products Sneak Peek

The 2017 Holiday Catalogs are here!  Would you like one?  If you are a current customer of mine who lives near me, just contact me to pick one up. If you are not a current customer or are a long distance customer, I am happy to mail you an Annual catalog and/or the Holiday Catalog. Just email your mailing address to with request for catalog.

I made this video on Tuesday, but finally had time to post it to my blog. I think you'll have fun watching me open my Stampin' Up! box of new holiday products.  And I've got another box on the way. I love when Christmas comes early like this!

ps…I obviously was a little too excited when talking about our new Mini Pizza Boxes. I said I heard an idea of making cookies to look like cupcakes to put in the Mini Pizza Boxes. What I meant to say was the made cookies decorated to look like little pizzas to put in them. Of course, you can put anything you want in there. Can't wait to hear and see how everyone uses this fun new product.


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