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Debra Mackey

Thank you for showing this It looks easier than the way I do it.

Kathi Royce

Thank you for sharing how you add the stickers on the stamps. I can't wait to try this as mine never line up quite right and I have been a stamper for many years. Love this tips and tricks idea.
Happy Thanksgiving.


Nice video. I actually have been doing this. I that the 'negative' back cream color paper off the stamps pad and slide it into the case and use that was a form to make sure all the stamps are in the case. And throw the
the rubber form away.


Thank you for this detailed video. You are a great teacher!!


You explained it so well! Thank you.

Mary Katherine Knabe

Sharon, that is a great idea. I hadn't thought of that. I do like to have the rubber though if I want to trace the stamped image to fussy cut around it. Thanks for your feedback and alternate idea.


Thank you for showing this technique. Great video.

Mary Knabe

Thanks, everyone, for your positive feedback. I'm glad so many have found this video helpful. Thanks for being a Stampin' Peace VIP and following my blog.


Loved the Video

Bonnie Pahan

Thank you for this demo. So much more accurate then how I have been doing it!

Mary Knabe

Margaret and Bonnie, I'm glad you found this video helpful. Thanks for viewing and for commenting.


Good video Mary,

I always keep the sticker paper as well even though SU sells the adhesive sheets . It's great for some of my clear mount stamps and to repair small places that may have lost some of their 'sticky'.

Thanks for being our teacher today!

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