January – June 2022 Mini Catalog LAST CHANCE LIST

My heart is very heavy this week as I'm sure it is for many of us. Living life as "normal" just hasn't felt right after learning of yet another tragic school shooting in our country. Yesterday morning, I found it very difficult to focus on my work. so decided instead to get outside. I mowed my lawn, walked, sat in the sun just trying to process my thoughts and feelings, called a friend, and took time for prayer. I didn't feel much like doing a Facebook Live last night either but decided I needed to and that I'd probably feel better for having done so. I was right. I'm grateful for the support, understanding, grace, compassion and prayers of this Stampin' Peace community we've created together.

This week, I was reminded why I chose the name "Stampin' Peace" for my business. I was reminded that stamping and paper crafting and sharing it with others brings me joy and peace. It reminded me that we all have the power to make the lives of others a little better and a little brighter by making and sending handmade cards. Together, with this simple act of sending cards we spread love, happiness, compassion, and understanding. These small acts of kindness do make the world a better place. Every card sent makes a difference to someone somewhere. It is my hope that card making, and more importantly, the sending of our cards, fills each of our hearts and those we serve with a sense of joy and peace. Today, more than ever we need to be kind, thoughtful, compassionate, respectful. We need to believe that every life is precious and that every life matters. We need to work together to create peace in our hearts and to advocate for peace in our communities, in our country, in our world. I pray for peace today and everyday for you, for me, for our families and friends, for our neighborhoods and communities, for our country and our world. I believe in the power of prayer, and I believe we also need to advocate for a better life for us all. We need to advocate for peace just as much as we pray for peace. 


Below is the replay of my May 25th Facebook Live. I wasn't quite as upbeat as I usually am, but with the support of my viewers, I got through it. It's nice to have a community where I/we can feel safe sharing our thoughts and feelings.

You will want to grab your January – June 2022 Mini Catalog and a pen to use as you watch this video. I hope you find this Mini Catalog "walk through"  helpful as I point out the retiring products and which of those are discounted. Please note: the Last Chance Promotion and Discounted Prices begin on June 1st and end June 30th. Also note, ALL Last Chance Products are available while supplies last only. To avoid disappointment, make your selections now and be ready to order on or soon after June 1st. Items may sell out quickly.


Thank you all for being a part of my Stampin' Peace community. I am blessed and grateful.

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