Lsat Chance Products Catalog Walk

Lists, lists, lists. They can be daunting, hard to read, and confusing. Such is the case with the Last Chance Products List that was first published. I want to make the process of seeing what products are retiring and which ones are on sale. SO….here's a couple of helpful resources for you.

The first is a video replay of my March 23rd Facebook Live where I walk through the catalog with you so that you can mark the products that are on the Last Chance List, which are discounted, and note some of our favorites that are carrying over to the 2022-2023 Annual Catalog coming May 3rd. So grab your current Annual Catalog and a pen and walk through catalog with me now. 


The second resource is for those who still like a paper list, but this one is in LARGE PRINT. Click on the link below to download the Large Print Last Chance List now.

Download PDF LG PRINT PAGE # 2021-2022-Annual-Catalog-Last-Chance-Products


Here's a look at the 2022-2024 In Colors coming May 3rd. I love them, so bright and cheerful!



Thanks for visiting my website at I hope this post is helpful to you as we navigate through this catalog transition period. Please let me know how I can be of service to you.

Stamping Peace hugs to all.

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