Happy Friday! It's Halloween Weekend! Trick or Treat in my neighborhood was last night. For the third year in a row, it was rainy but not nearly as cold as the last two years. We don't get many trick-or-treaters here, but it's still fun to see who comes out, watch the little ones having fun, and chat with the parents. Neighbors on both sides of me sat out together along with my Emily who is going back to Cincinnati today. She's been here the last few minutes doing a Physical Therapy Clinical with OSU. I'll miss her, but she's doing great things, enjoying her chosen profession, and looking forward to graduating with her DPT in April. As next door neighbors, we said sitting on one of our porches for trick or treat is now a tradition. I love it. How fortunate I am to be blessed with such nice neighbors on each side of me.

PS…My favorite part of the night was seeing a little green gecko who walked up each driveway saying, "I gecko". And I love seeing kids who were here last year and have grown taller!

I'll be doing some Stampin' Up! work this weekend, having an early lunch with friends Rosie and Mark Saturday as they will be in Columbus, and then, of course, watching the OSU vs Penn State Saturday evening. Andrea and Jon will be joining me. It's sure to get a little loud here as we cheer on our Buckeyes.

No matter what you have planned for your weekend, I hope you're weekend is filled with fun, laughter, family, and friends and a bit of rest and relaxation too. And if you're up for a little crafting, here's a FREE PROJECT SHEET to inspire you!

Download Project Sheet – Much Gratitude with Paper Lattice

Stampin' Up! Heartfelt Wishes Stamp Set - Mary Knabe
Stampin' Up! Heartfelt Wishes Stamp Set - Mary Knabe

This card took just minutes to make. It was fun using the Paper Lattice in this way. How easy it is to change up the colors to suit your own taste or occasion. 


Make someone's day. Send a hand stamped card today!


Have a great weekend and happy stamping!


Don't forget to download your Free Project Sheet to make this card!

Download Project Sheet – Much Gratitude with Paper Lattice

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