Things are Looking Up!

Yes, things are looking up! As we've all been dealing with this year's pandemic, remote learning, changes in the way we do business, I have found that in all of these challenges there have been many blessings. Families spending more quality time together, people reaching out to others when they may not have taken the time to do so before, people cooking and baking at home, neighbors helping neighbors with grocery shopping and sharing of hard to find goods, and in every situation creativity is at the heart of what we've been doing. We've found new, creative, and innovative ways to do business, to educate children and adults, to shop for what we need with less concern for material wants, to entertain and be entertained, to stay connected while keeping our distance, and to show appreciation for essential workers. Creativity at its best and all of this is cause for things "looking up". I'm not sure I want life to return to "normal" as we knew it. I like the slower pace and not running around crazy busy. I like sending more happy mail. I like taking the time to nurture me with home projects and self care. Working at home full time without going out for breaks or dinners out, means I'm truly scheduling lunch and dinner breaks for myself without feeling like I have to work straight through my day. I'm even enjoying cooking for myself a bit more. And if you know me, I really don't like to cook all that much. Now, baking, I love that…because I love sweets, of course. So yes, things are looking up. Our businesses, our economy, our schools will all rebound in time while we focus on being strong, being positive, being patient, and being creative in our everyday lives no matter how they look. 

The Looking Up All Inclusive Card Kit seems to have taken on more meaning for me with all that has taken place in 2020. It's not just about cards anymore. It's about how I go about making cards, using the cards I make, and how I use them to interact and stay connected to the people I know and love and appreciate as well as those I may not know. I think it was just meant to be that this Stampin' Up! kit is staying with us another year to remind us to "keep looking up" no matter what life gives us. I'll look forward to more creating with this kit as well as the new kits we'll soon have the opportunity to create with. 

Here's a look at a few alternate cards I created with a watercolor wash. I've also included a video replay of a Facebook Live I did in April showcasing Stampin' Up!'s 4 All Inclusive Card Kits at the time with helpful tips and how to's as well as several alternate projects. I think you'll enjoy watching it seeing creativity at work.

Watercolor Wash background with Looking Up All Inclusive Card Kit by Stampin' Up!

All of these beautiful cards let me close my eyes and escape to happy places. How about you?

Watercolor Wash background with Looking Up All Inclusive Card Kit by Stampin' Up!
Watercolor Wash background with Looking Up All Inclusive Card Kit by Stampin' Up!
Watercolor Wash background with Looking Up All Inclusive Card Kit by Stampin' Up!

Please take a look at the video below showing alternate projects done with other Stampin' Up! All Inclusive Card Kits including Notes of Kindness, Lots of Happy, and Three Cheers to You All Inclusive Kits also.


Click on the links below for easy ordering of the All Inclusive Card Kits in my online store.

Thanks for visiting my Stampin' Peace blog. My wish for you today is that things truly are looking up for you, that you are finding peace in the now and hope for the future. Stay safe, stay well, stay positive, and keep being creative.

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