Sharing Priceless Halloween Decorations

I love decorating for holidays, and I have lots (and lots) of decorations for just about every holiday including Halloween. Some of these Halloween decorations are very old, and some newer. Some are big, and some are small. Some catch the eye of everyone who sees them, and some are beautiful only to me. Some cost a lot, some cost very little. Some are store bought, and some are handmade. But I love them all! Last week my collection of Halloween decorations grew by three. These decorations are beautiful, colorful, and priceless. Yes, they're PRICELESS, and I'll treasure them always! 

I received a wonderful box of surprises last week…just because. (Aren't those the best kind?) The surprises came from "my littles" Ainsley (8), Ben (6), and Griffin (6), and their parents Matt and Carrie. A bit of history before I go on…Carrie was my oldest daughter Andrea's 5th grade teacher. Carrie was single and in her 2nd year of teaching. Andrea is now 28 and a 5th and 6th grade math teacher. Carrie even watched our daughters a couple of weekends when they were in grade school. Little did we know then that Carrie and her future family would become such close family friends with us. How blessed we all are.

3 years ago, I babysat Ainsley, Ben, and Griffin, also lovingly known as "my littles". As it turned out, I know God put those kids in my care for a very special reason. He knew I needed them and their parents as I went through one of the toughest years of my life full of loss and transition. This family is like a second to family to me for so many reasons. How fun, kind, generous, and loving this family is to me and mine. I will always treasure our friendship. These 3 kids will always be "my littles" and hold a special place in my heart. 

And here are those priceless gifts I started telling you about. (Did I tell you my littles like crafts just about as much as I do? They always know to look for a bag or box of Stampin' Up! scraps and such when they come to my house.) Each of the kids painted a Halloween decoration for me and wrote me a note themselves. How precious are these? And don't you think I'm right when I say these Halloween decorations are priceless?

IMG_4371 (1)


IMG_4372 (1)

IMG_4373 (1)

IMG_4374 (1)

IMG_4375 (1)

IMG_4376 (1)

IMG_4377 (1)

And a few more gifts from Carrie and Matt. I'm a lucky lady.IMG_4379 (1)

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