Storage by Stampin’ Up!

Yay! It's here! Storage by Stampin' Up! An easy, fun way to organize our inks and markers and more. I love the versatility of these products. You can stack and arrange them in any number of ways to accommodate your color collection and your craft space. I also like the clean, sleek look of the white. I love that this is a modular system so that you can buy pieces a little or a lot at a time…whatever suits your needs and your budget. You can even earn Storage by Stampin' Up! pieces free by hosting a Stampin' Up! party or private class. 

I'm thinking of other ways these organizational pieces can be used in other areas of my home and yours…the pantry and kitchen cupboards, the bathroom, and even the car. I'll be compiling a list of ways we can use these products beyond the craft room and will present it here as soon as I have it ready and have a chance to play with my new Storage by Stampin' Up!

Take a look at the following video then consider how you can use Storage by Stampin' Up! in your craft room and/or throughout your home. I've also included some PDF's downloads with more information and pricing and a configuration chart to help you determine what to buy.

Announcing my own April Ordering Incentive:  EVERYONE who places an order including any Storage by Stampin' Up! piece (s) will receive a $10 coupon to use with the release of the new 2019-2020 Annual Catalog in early June. That's right, an order of any size that includes at least 1 Storage by Stampin' Up! piece will get you a $10 coupon to use beginning with the new annual catalog in June.



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